Frequently asked Questions


This page should answer your questions, however, if you have any more please don't

hesitate to contact us. 

Who runs Ace Dog Walking London ?

Jennifer & Josh ACE! A couple originally from Swansea, Wales. They moved to London in 2011 and have since lived in Bounds Green, N22. They have both grown up surrounded by animals so decided to turn their love for animals into their career! 


How many staff members do you have?

Ace Dog Walking has five wonderful, reliable and caring regular dog walkers. They are all police checked, pet first aid trained and experienced pet owners. 

 Are you insured?
Yes. We are insured with Cliverton Insurers.   

Do you walk dogs off the lead?
Yes! We love seeing dogs having the time of their life bounding around, however, if you would prefer your dog to be kept on the lead that's no problem.


How many dogs do you walk at a time?

Although we are insured to walk up to 6 dogs per person, we try to keep the groups to around 4/5. We also make a conscious effort to ensure that dogs who get on especially well together are put on the same walks. 

Do you clean the dogs on return?
Yes we carry towels but if you have a hose or a preferred way of us cleaning your dog we will do our very best. Please understand we are on a tight schedule so they may not be squeaky clean. 

What areas do you cover?
A: We cover most of N22, N8, N15, N17, N10, N11, N13
If your postcode isn't listed please contact us and we will do our best to help. 

 What times do you walk?
A: We provide three walks a day Mon - Fri and one 1.5 hour walk on Saturdays (subject to availability). The walk times are:

09:30 - 10:30 am 
11:30 - 12:30 am 
1.30 - 2.30 pm

Do you walk un-neutered / spayed dogs?
We are reluctant to take on un-neutered males however we will give them a trial and see how they get on. We do not take un-spayed females (unless they are young and are yet to have their first season). 

What happens if there is an emergency?
 In the unlikely event that something goes wrong we will have your emergency contact details on us at all times. If the pet's vet is too far we will take them to the nearest available vet. We also carry a pet first aid kit and all of our walkers are pet first aiders.

What happens if I need to temporarily cancel our dog walk?
No problem, as long as we know by 6pm the day before, the walk will be cancelled and you will not be charged. If, however, we are informed after this time or on the day of the walk (or not informed at all), you will still be charged for the walk.

How will I be charged?
We will invoice you monthly using our software Pet Sitter Plus, which will e-mail you your invoice directly. The invoice will need to be paid within 10 days either by cash or bank transfer. If it's easier for you to pay weekly or daily just let us know. 

How will you collect my dog?
We will either pick up and drop off your dog in the car or on foot depending on your location. You need to provide us with a key to access your pet.

Are you available on Bank Holidays?
Generally no, however if you are really stuck just ask as we will do our best to help.